Working on the Dance for Glimpses: A Composer’s Journal

February 19th, 2014

The composer carries on operate on the piece “Glimpses” for flute and piano. A Composer’s Journal Entries: February one- four, 2014.

Enlarge Impression Saturday, February one

Ongoing producing the Dance, sketching it out – an expansive melody line with sooner or later a challenging bassline and sixteenth be aware interior voices. For now just empty stems and held octaves in the least expensive voices as details of reference to be loaded in afterwards.

5 pm

Sketched in the moving traces for the melody I wrote earlier, alternatively of continuing on in the Dance. Still left the flute component for later on. For the second I am sketching out the broader concepts, so that an all round form can arise, be created, be constructed every little thing will hang on this overall kind. The overall kind of a piece is comparable to the tough picket beams that turn out to be the skeleton of a residence, the pieces of wood that the two outline the framework of a home and also keep all the partitions and floors as effectively as ceilings in spot.

In this way, the composer is also a draftsman and an architect … a builder … And the musician can see this method evidently, as he composes, and as he interprets the audio of other folks. The listener is also aware of the type, even if not a musician, despite the fact that not as consciously. Even the non-musician will know if an all round form has not been built or believed out nicely, even not understanding complex phrases or compositional methods – just as we all would notice if a lavatory made for a new house finished up in the kitchen area … Or if an included place experienced no doors or windows and out of the blue appeared in the hallway.

Will quit doing work now M. is out of city for some times and I created dinner preparations with friends for tonight. I count on some interesting conversation and some welcome minutes of distinct, winter season air as we wander to our spot. Later on, I will start composing the commence of the Dance, at minimum, place some sketches down on one of the vacant sheets of manuscript paper that are now on the piano rack. The manilla folder that holds my sketches for Glimpses continues to thicken, and before long there will be only a couple of blank pages remaining…

1 am

A warm night time, practically forty degrees took a extended leisurely stroll following I returned house from supper. Wonderful to really feel a pleasant breeze on my experience, as an alternative of the bitter winter season blasts of the recent past. A pleased wintertime stroll with out boots or gloves some remnants of Christmas lights nonetheless strung and lit as I handed various familiar houses. The architecture in our neighborhood, in truth for most of Ithaca, is one particular of large aged picket residences with numerous intricate features – scroll function more than windows or doorways, tile roofs, gargoyles, stained glass windows scattered listed here and there, exciting porches… Creative styles in common and no two structures actually alike, both in size or shape or temperament. Since I have lived in Ithaca for so several several years, I know most of the houses quite nicely from the outside the house, even though only a handful of the homeowners or tenants. And simply because of my relatively normal nocturnal walks, I also know what home windows will most very likely be lit even at midnight or early morning, and for fairly a radius of our property.

In this way, I have fashioned a private partnership of types with most of the homes and inmates of these homes within a mile or so, even though I rarely know far more than a number of of the inhabitants, even by sight. Ithaca is a college town, and most renters seldom continue to be put in one particular house far more than a couple of years, if that, and the faces and voices of the community are constantly altering. Even so, on my late night walks, I inwardly greet each property and lit window as an old close good friend. And have my possess vague impressions of the folks or families residing within people properties and earlier people several window panes, a fleeting and involuntary question about the countless and changing stories unfolding beneath individuals shingled or tiled roofs…

Following returning from my walk, started sketching out the commencing of the Dance, only a hint of a dance at initial. As although the listener is going for walks by way of the forest and has not noticed the dancer as yet – or perhaps only a glimpse from afar by means of the trees, prior to getting into that quiet glade. At the instant, I am thinking about a tango of types to get started this motion – the halting syncopations of a tango may set the stage nicely for what follows – a simple, clear tango surrounded by the silence of the forest….

The notion of utilizing a tango to get started this movement also appeals to me since “it normally takes two to tango” as the declaring goes – and there is only one particular dancer. For that reason, our dancer would have an imaginary companion – and we do not know if the solitary dancer of the poem is imaginary, sound – or in yet another realm.

Regardless of whether to keep on the tango all through the motion, or listed here and there, or at all – is 1 much more determination out of countless numbers. In any circumstance, for the minute, I am taking into consideration all possibilities and previously taking pleasure in my solitary dancer in the forest …

Sunday, February two

Still working on the opening of the Dance. A really gray working day, I have experienced to set lamps on – it is 1 of people dreary days that I select to phone mysterious or mystical. But being inside the residence, with only my tango melodies and the cats for company, I may possibly choose sun coming by means of the home windows, the sunlight in the woods of my lone dancer. As it is, my new tango melody is slow and melancholy like the day outside the house….

Monday, February 3

Took a walk into city this afternoon, colder the start off of a downward slide culminating later in the 7 days. Tiny snowflakes on the way home, playing in the road, coming towards me as I walked, melting almost prior to they reached the ground … An harmless prelude to the storm predicted for tomorrow evening.

Labored a little bit on the Dance, but decided it was time to end creating the initial two poems and copy them out into a major rating. Tomorrow.

Tuesday, February four

Woke this early morning to a grey sky with the grim, unrelenting search of a storm on the way. Tango chords and melodies inwardly performed as I ate and waited for a friend to occur by. Right away soon after returning residence, I went to the piano and wrote a webpage or so of chords and rhythms and melodies to sort out afterwards – this tango has to be in my own fashion, and the tango chords and rhythms and melodies have to suit nicely with all the other notes I have written for this piece. But progress has been created, to be labored on a lot more later tonight, when the functions of the working day have ended and the globe is finally asleep.

two am

Worked on the tango – then took a lengthy walk being aware of the coming frigid temperature will soon preserve me indoors for some days. Did not satisfy any deer tonight, they need to have identified refuge in the nearby woods – getting ready for the storm.

Even as I sit below now, in the heat of the living area and producing in this small notebook, I can see snow steadily and persistently slipping in lamplight, accumulating intensity in the silence snow usually provides. For now tiny flakes in a downward journey, an infinite variety of them – and in the distance, the residences and roofs are surrounded by a mist, a transferring, altering haze produced by the falling snow, fifty percent lit by lamplight. At intervals, I will gaze out the home windows many moments ahead of the sunshine and M. are up. Meanwhile, the tango I am creating continues inwardly, very easily and I am seeing the piece as a entire for the initial time.

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