Will Vegas Ever Host The Oscars?

January 27th, 2017

The Oscars are a hugely prestigious event in the world of film, and recognise the excellence in cinematic achievements in the United States. With a huge number of categories such as Best Picture, Best Director, Best Visual Effects and much more, writers, directors and actors are queuing up to get the commonly known Oscar. Due to Hollywood being based in LA, the event has always been held in the heart of the film industry, but with huge accusations over the last few years about commercialism, bias and a lack of diversity, there are hints that the Oscars are going to have to change in order to encompass all of the actors and film industry rather than simply the stars.


The home of the Oscars has always been LA due to the Hollywood and film industry background. The Dolby Theatre was the last location for the Oscars with Jimmy Kennel acting as host, and with a number of associate events such as the Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica, and a huge range of other awards and parties, it truly is a magnificent event. With huge criticism about commercialism and bias, there could soon be a relocation in mind. With bias being a huge factor in the awards according to many critics, a move could promote a more varied and unbiased view on many of the awards.

Could Las Vegas Host The Awards?

One of the main attractions to Las Vegas is that it is one of the most well-known American cities. There are a huge number of attractions that not only celebrities but anyone looking to watch the Oscars from a distance can enjoy. This may also help to bring the Oscars down from the little fame and fortune bubble that it appears to have protected itself in. Events like Cannes Film Festival is one prime example where the ordinary public can also get involved in the event, and while it’s likely that the Oscars will probably never be as close to the public as this, this may be away of helping to relive some of the criticism that it is too commercialised. If the awards moved to Las Vegas for a year, then the public could combine their Oscar’s Grind betting systems in the casinos with the famous Oscars award ceremony, all in one place.

On top of this, we have already seen Las Vegas having the capability to hold such huge events, not only in the heart of the casinos themselves, but also in the Conference Centre, which plays host to a huge range of other events each year. Las Vegas is also the setting of a huge number of major films. Rather than moving the Oscars solely to Las Vegas, it may be worth considering moving the Awards ceremonies around to different cities each year. This could help to prevent them from being totally barred up, focussing more on the marketing capabilities and the millions of pounds that the studios pump into the films, simply because it’s The Oscars Season, and focus more on the actual acting and film capabilities.



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