Tv Assessment: Josh Holloway Stars in ‘Intelligence’

January 7th, 2014


Josh Holloway in “Intelligence.”

Gabriel Vaughn, the commando turned human laptop at the center of CBS’s melodramatic new action series “Intelligence,” has a number of running modes. The microchip in his mind helps make him a walking Google as well as a 1-gentleman surveillance point out, capable to distract terrorists by reciting their e-mails to them. He’s also his own wi-fi hot spot — in Tuesday’s pilot, he functions the electronic lock of a Pakistani interrogation mobile from across the place. The place was this man when it was taking ten several years to uncover Osama bin Laden?

Of course, since he’s played by Josh Holloway, who rose to fame as the surly hunk Sawyer on “Lost,” Vaughn has yet another set of attributes that might be a lot more vital to the show’s accomplishment: chin, jaw, nose, eyes, ab muscles, voice. When several truckfuls of Pakistani troopers chase Vaughn by means of the woods, assault weapons chattering, you’re not certain whether he’s dodging the bullets or they’re just bouncing off his adamantine cheekbones.

Vaughn and Sawyer are the same irresistible undesirable boy, however Vaughn is significantly a lot more competent — an complete government counterterrorist company, the Cyber Command, has been developed about him — and Mr. Holloway coasts through “Intelligence” providing the exact same twinkly-sarcastic functionality he perfected in “Lost.” His allure is not inexhaustible, but there is more than ample of it to meet up with the character’s restricted calls for.

There isn’t a whole lot else to like, however, about “Intelligence,” whose title can make a guarantee the present does not hold. It feels cobbled jointly, from the premise of “Chuck,” “Jake 2.0” and other shows to scenes and situations that remember greater productions like “Person of Curiosity,” “Homeland” and “Raiders of the Dropped Ark.”

That synthetic good quality carries more than into the dialogue, much of which asks to be barked or hissed: “There are only two ways this ends.” “It’s not your phone to make.” “Refuse and I will dig the chip out of his useless skull myself.” “It’s personalized!” The solid primarily provides in, furrowing brows, clenching jaws, bugging eyes and nodding grimly.

The ubiquitous character actor John Billingsley, as the scientist who implanted Vaughn’s chip, and Meghan Ory (Pink Riding Hood in “Once Upon a Time”), as Riley, the Mystery Provider agent assigned to protect Vaughn, are specifically susceptible to the fake hammy intensity the script looks to contact for. Marg Helgenberger, as the head of CyberCom, and Mr. Holloway are a lot more constantly plausible but not immune.

Dependent on two episodes, “Intelligence” seems like a quasi-navy procedural, with Vaughn and his team going through slippery Chinese brokers 1 7 days and indignant Middle Eastern terrorists another week. There is some again story involving Vaughn’s wife and, in a twist reminiscent of a prominent feminine character in “Lost,” Riley’s sealed juvenile court docket file. But the collection is truly about Mr. Holloway’s magnetism and his wry sense of humor. In any circumstance, how seriously can you take a present in which the supersecret supersoldier project, code-named Clockwork, is housed in a complicated with a massive sign on the doorway that suggests “Clockwork”?

In one particular bit of funny company, Vaughn translates a Chinese phrase and then admits that he doesn’t speak the language — “I’ve got an app for that,” he states. It makes you wonder: If you had the entire Internet in your head, would you be able to emphasis on battling terrorists when you could commit all your time on OkCupid or Etsy instead? Probably in a future episode, for added realism, a bomb can go off even though Vaughn is occupied sexting.


CBS, Tuesday night at nine, Eastern and Pacific occasions 8, Central time. Made by ABC Tv Studios in affiliation with CBS Tv Studios. Michael Seitzman, Tripp Vinson and Barry Schindel, government producers.

WITH: Josh Holloway (Gabriel), Meghan Ory (Riley Neal), John Billingsley (Dr. Shenandoah Cassidy), P.J. Byrne (Nelson Cassidy), Michael Rady (Chris Jameson) and Marg Helgenberger (Lillian Strand).

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