Treat the fruit stains with effective stain removing agents!

February 9th, 2013

Fruits are, quite evidently, healthy and delicious, but despite all that they are never pleasant as the stains that they leave behind are not pleasant. They are stubborn stains. In fact, they are stained because of the dying properties in the fruits. There are various colors such as red, blue, purple, etc. These stains are hard to remove and when our clothes are stained we generally consider throwing them away rather than getting them cleaned. When the stains become old, they sit deeper and therefore become even harder to be removed. The fresher stains are comparatively easier to remove than such old and deep seated stains.

A weak ammonia solution can effectively in fruit stain removal when the stain is caused by black currant, sour cherries, and blueberries. The stains from these fruits after they have gone deeper are much difficult and sometimes impossible to remove.

In case of white linen clothes or cotton clothes, the stained area should be dabbed with oleic acid. Benzene soap can remove such stains from woollen or silk fabrics. Rub the solvent with fingers.

After this is done, the clothes need to be treated with trichloroethane. For complete fruit stain removal, put the clothes on a clean pad and repeat the procedure unless it is clean. The cleaned should then be rubbed with tampon that has been soaked in benzene. It is then covered with talc.

When the stain remains in a lighter shade as the talc is removed, it can be treated by using soft brush that has been soaked in 5% ammonia solution.

The cleaned area can therefore be wiped with dry towel. When the clothes retain traces of stains, they should be bleached. Different fabrics have different features and that should be taken care of while fruit stain removal. When the fabric is linen or cotton, the stains should be treated with hydrogen peroxide and bleach. For bleaching woolen and silk garments use sodium hydro-sulphide or hydrogen peroxide or potassium permanganate.

The garments that are made of synthetic fabric are cleaned with hydrogen peroxide, bleach or sodium hydro sulphide. The temperature should be low and the solution should be weak. However, it should be remembered that sodium hydro-sulphide and hydrogen peroxide are used for white fabrics. The above procedures are strictly followed by many reputable cleaning agencies such as, which provides end of tenancy cleaning solutions in London.

White clothes that have been badly stained can also be cleaned by soaking them in milk and then washing them.

Stains from colored fabrics can be removed by mixing 50g glycerine with yolk. Dabbing the stain with this solution, keep the clothes for few hours. After this, wash the clothes with warm water.

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