To kill the spring chill, Maxi dresses can be matched skillfully

April 12th, 2013

Spring is the time for girls to show their own charm, but for some girls without a pair of slim and straight legs, it is time for trouble. No more worries, have a fashionable maxi dress like those celebrities can spare you from all those troubles, for it can not only hide the shortcomings of your legs curve, but also add some sense of attractiveness to your walking pose, if well handled in ratio aspect, it would definitely be a pure advantage for your figure.

Model celebrity: Angleababy

Recently Angelababy appeared in the airport in pure black, short woolen jacket matching with pure black chiffon maxi dress, and a pair of motor canvas shoes excellently mixed in the sports element. The dress of Angelababy was pleated at the bottoming, which would make her look slimmer. Angelababy, who is really thin looked even more slim with this black maxi dress with straight curve, and when outing, maxi dresses like this can be more comfortable and convenient, but don’t forget to match a short jacket like Angelababy to outline the waist curve, which would make you look slimmer and slender.

Model celebrity: Han Gaa In

Long dresses seem to be the main items of every spring and summer, which can not only hide the fat legs but also higher your waistline, so that the curve of legs would be longer and outline the slim waist! For girls who are not confident about their legs long maxi dresses are their best choice! Han Gaa In looked really feminine with the tropical printed maxi dress, matching with motor leather coat which added the neutral sense. The sports shoes who seemed irrelevant to the whole matching actually helped her get rid of the dullness of dressing, MIX sports style can show her energy and the street sense!

Model celebrity: Angelina Jolie

Black long prom suit matching with black slim maxi dress, half-length and long prom suits can hide the fat hip and hipbone, but it would make the legs of petite girls look even shorter, so short bottoming is a good choice to increase the sense of layer, black bottoming can not only make people look slimmer but also make the legs look longer. Black short boots are hided under the black maxi dress, not able to be seen clearly can stretch the length of legs, even petite girls with short and fat legs would no long need to worry about their figures!

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