The 7 days In advance | Television: In a Man’s Thoughts, Everything Goes

January 4th, 2014

This is the week when television arrives back to lifestyle right after the holidays. New collection like CBS’s “Intelligence” make their debuts. Exhibits that experienced their premieres this previous fall, like “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” on ABC and “Almost Human” on Fox, begin their “winter seasons”: i.e., new episodes after a spate of reruns. A couple of exhibits even have time finales, like CBS’s “Hostages.”

A sortable calendar of noteworthy cultural functions in the New York area, chosen by Occasions critics.

If you are confused by all these collection, GSN stands ready with a vacuous but often amusing new game demonstrate, “Mind of a Male,” which commences on Wednesday night at eight. Two females compete for funds by guessing how males, in a study, responded to frivolous questions. A sample from the premiere: “What lie do you notify the most: ‘I adore you,’ ‘I experienced a wonderful time’ or ‘I in no way got your message’?”

DeRay Davis hosts, and a superstar panel contributes guidance and patter. The “lie” query prompts the comedian Alonzo Bodden to confess, “ ‘I in no way got the message’ is such a good lie that I have a cellphone that does not work” — so he can pull it out to show to a girl that he in no way obtained her message.

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