Television Overview: ‘Sex Sent Me to the ER’ Is a New TLC Series

December 28th, 2013

Discovery Suit &amp Overall health

Sexual intercourse Sent Me to the ER The earth did not move, but the wall cracked: Re-enacting a bedroom mishap in this collection on Saturdays on TLC.

The phrase “saved the worst for last” comes to brain.

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On Saturday night time, the wits at TLC deliver off 2013 by rolling out “Sex Despatched Me to the ER,” a 4-component series about real-existence unexpected emergency place visits, whose title has been considered so irresistible that the show will also be witnessed on a sister channel, Discovery Match &amp Overall health.

The collection is from the very same generation firm, GRB Entertainment, that delivers us “Untold Tales of the ER,” which lately promoted an episode with the tagline “Caught in a Toilet.” So, off the bat, you are anticipating a particular degree of high quality. But “Sex Despatched Me to the ER” aims significantly decrease than whatsoever cheapest common denominator you were anticipating.

It shouldn’t be shocking that intercourse occasionally requires medical attention given that, completed with conviction, it can be bodily arduous. And due to the fact humans are an revolutionary species, it is also to be anticipated that the instances in a present of this variety will at times involve a lot more than mere overexertion. An ironing board performs a pivotal component in one of the a few cases in the premiere.

What actually tends to make “Sex Sent Me to the ER” distinctively disagreeable, however, are the re-enactments of the incidents being explained by the genuine individuals. It is not that they are X- or even R-rated. It’s that they are offered a leering, heavy-breathing high quality that may be intended to be funny but that helps make you want to send out your mind out for a steam cleansing. If the medical emergencies by themselves do not trigger you to swear off sex, these wretched re-creations will.

Sexual intercourse Despatched Me to the ER

TLC, Saturday nights at 10, Japanese and Pacific times 9, Central time.

Made by GRB Amusement for TLC.

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