Nevertheless Working on the Musical Rating of ‘Glimpses’: A Composer’s Journal

March 17th, 2014

The composer carries on work on the rating of “Glimpses” for flute and piano. A Composer’s Journal Entries: February 22 – March 3, 2014.

Saturday, February 22

1 am…

Filling in lines, internal voices, piano bass, flute motives and melodies. The define is there but the piece desires a lot more cohesion, a lot more imitation among the instruments. And more sparkle, for the laughter – radiant brilliance, like the solar on snow.

Initial to fill in the tunes already composed – then the overview will emerge. When standing in the overview, suspended over all the musical suggestions and notes – the overall type becomes very clear, and then the relaxation falls into location. For now: hard operate, craftsmanship – and patience.

Have hardly experienced time to create life has intervened more than I would have wished, a variety of jobs and obligations considerably from tunes and creativity. And I am way too drained now, after a long working day, to do far more than scribble words in this notebook.

But even as I write these words and phrases the piece proceeds inwardly, creating by itself. As even though angels have already sung it in another realm … Are singing it …

Monday, February 24

11 pm…

Crammed in most of poems I and II – time to begin functioning on the Dance. After the piece is completely sketched out I can rethink the all round sort, if essential.

Striving to carry a bit of Heaven to Earth. In the meantime, I am facing a lot of webpages of manuscript paper scribbled over with notes – some without having stems, arrows everywhere since I ran out of place on the web page melodies and motives strewn throughout the sheets of manuscript paper in pencil, some waiting around for rhythms, others stranded on 50 percent vacant internet pages with arrows pointing to their destination on yet another web page. Even so, I am commencing to dwell the piece, know it, to understand its wisdom and logic. This may possibly look like an odd assertion because I am the composer – but when the concepts appear in so quickly, they have to depart our consciousness just as swiftly as they came, in purchase to make room for new motives and melodies. In any other case, it is like attempting to maintain a handful of sand while gathering far more…

In this piece, as in numerous other individuals I have created, I am striving to someway seize the transparency of the suggestions and appears as they are to begin with offered to me inwardly – that very first flow of ideas and tones in their exceptional beauty and simplicity, fragility, and purity.

Even including one tone to a chord, or baseline, or inner voice, can ruin, wreck – wipe out the transparency. And when that occurs, it is usually a shock, as although a single has all of a sudden and inexplicably fallen into mud … or back again to Earth from a larger realm…

Tuesday, February 25

Today gray, melancholy.

Tangled with the tango a little bit previously. The manilla folder for this piece is now fairly thick place a paper clip close to my sketches for the initial two poems although I perform on the Dance. The Dance will be different in experience from the other sections nevertheless haven’t decided regardless of whether to use content from the very first two poems in the Dance section of this piece. To do so would help tie the sections, and consequently the piece, jointly. But also may well dilute my concepts for the Dance, for this closing section known as Dance.

Time to plunge in.

Wednesday, February 26

Did a little bit of perform on the Dance final night. These days, took out a pen and a ruler, blank manuscript paper and a bottle of whiteout will start off copying out the audio for poems I. and II. into a primary completed score.

Thursday, February 27

Have been copying my sketches into a main rating.

After composing so many cycles in a row: the Unsung Tracks, Photographs, Visions, I uncover this flute piece a very various strategy to producing. I am used to the broader brush strokes of the cycles, where couple of suggestions are used for every single piece, exactly where all the individual pieces are a component of a increased complete. This piece for flute and piano seems more like the rum fruit cake folks go close to at Christmas: dense … Dense with tips, motives, and melodies, countersubject, interior traces … And but I am making an attempt to preserve it as clear as glass, daylight …

Friday, February 28

Continuing to duplicate out the audio for the 1st two poems into a major score. Listed here are the poems once more for people of you who missed my previously Journal entries:


Laughter in the woods,Distant and carefree-Sunlight outstanding,Via the leaves,Towards the deep inexperienced,Of the forest flooring-As even though two worlds satisfied,Each perceived for an instantaneous…


Going for walks,Elegance all over the place…

The two poems have been written as different entities, but they overlap in the audio.

Now so numerous tiny notes masking the blank webpages, each tone with its possess tale and potential, and heritage … managing all over the place across the internet pages …

11 pm…

A lot more than midway by way of copying out the audio for the very first two poems into a concluded rating.

Decided late last night to give the flute a extended cadenza just before the Dance begins – at the very least a page or so in size. Potentially with just a bit of peaceful piano below and there. The solo flute would introduce the solitary dancer of the third poem the cadenza could also represent the lone dancer just before the tango commences.


Abruptly,In a concealed glade,A solitary dancer.

Will create the flute cadenza quickly, on some snowy, bitter chilly night time when it is also wintery for an night stroll.

In the meantime, the completed score is starting to fill its new manilla folder.

Saturday, March one

eleven pm…

At Windgarth Home, in Sheldrake. Carolyn and the young children are upstairs M. and I downstairs, the flames blazing cheerily in the stove. Everybody is asleep. Took a short wander down the road and then to the lake. Mild, in contrast to the climate in town, in Ithaca. No wind, no moon the stars brilliant and unwavering the night time sky. Esther has still left her dining place mild on distinct Christmas lights strung exterior are also on, alongside her house. 1 photo voltaic gentle on our dock, a vivid pinpoint of gentle from the downstairs front home windows – we have to have forgotten to just take it in for the winter. A couple of glimmers of red or very clear lights from throughout the lake – and almost everything silent, silent help save for the distant contact of a single lone goose. Silence. The winery fields stretch into infinity, dropped in the sky …

Completed copying out the score for the very first two poems before these days wrote a flute cadenza to introduce the Dance. The concluded score of this piece I am contacting Glimpses is very easily two-thirds copied out.

But tonight, right here at Windgarth, all else is overlooked – save the waves and the lake, the hills and the fields, the silence. As although the planet alone has suddenly stepped into a deep meditation …

Monday, March three

Returned to Ithaca before today. Copied the flute cadenza into the completed rating. Set the webpages of my sketches for the Dance in chronological order and on the tunes rack looked over the motives and themes. Right after I catch up on various jobs and chores will commence producing, filling in my sketches.

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