Myths about the Music Business Dispelled

December 31st, 2015


Are you hopeful that you can break through into the business of music? If so, then you should start by sifting through the misinformation. The first big piece of misinformation is that the only job that matters in the music industry is the performance side, while it is true that they are the ones that earn the most. There is also much enjoyment, and far more job stability, to be obtained from other elements of the industry. This is why you may want to consider completing a business degree in music. You can find a music business degree here for instance. So what are some things to think about.

Getting a Degree in Music as a Stepping Stone to Success

While it is always good to get a degree in anything, you should not think that you are guaranteed to be successful. Two things to remember:

  1. The best courses will teach you how to actually build a career in music. If not, the degree is quite pointless.
  2. The music industry is ruthless and whether you have a degree or not, you will need a huge amount of luck to get involved in the business.

If you are hoping on getting famous, it may be best to burst your bubble immediately. There are very few famous musicians who actually have a degree in music. However, a career in music can take on many different forms.

Taking Advice on Music Careers

Speak to a random person on the street and they will have an opinion on how the music industry works. You will have heard it is ruthless and cut throat, that women only make it by sleeping their way to the top and that men only make it by taking copious amounts of drugs. You will have heard that there is no seriousness in the business, with concerts being one big drunken fun-filled fest. Nothing could be further from the truth. The only person who can tell you about the reality of the music industry is someone who is actually employed in the music industry. So don’t listen to what other people say.

Should You Do Music on the Side?

Because we all know it is so hard to get into the world of music, many young people are pushed to do something else instead. Their parents and school and careers advisors will do this because they know the chance of them making it is very slim. While they are right, the reality is also that you cannot study music ‘on the side’. It is all or nothing. If you are a parent or careers advisor, do also remember that there is no such thing as a pointless degree. If a young person completes a degree in music, they can always get to work in a different field.

The world of music is a tough world, but also a fascinating world. Furthermore, there are many career options other than being a recording stage musician. But you have to be realistic about what it all entails.

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