Choosing Your New Winter Coat

January 10th, 2013

ArmaniAfter hurricane Sandy and the excitement of this electoral season it is time to look forward to the rapidly approaching winter and its seasonal caprices. And while everybody wants to look their best regardless of season we all know that we have to make some sacrifices in winter for the sake of our health. It’s cruel to wear an custom tailored pinstripe suit with an impressive silk tie, pocket square and a beautiful matching scarf and then cover it all up with a parka. The good news though is that you don’t have to, because there are plenty of stylish ways to dress for the winter season. But as it is winter the cornerstone of your entire look will revolve around wearing the right coat. Fortunately here is a list of some of the coat styles that are really popular right now.

Blockbuster Coat

The so-called blockbuster coats are a new couture trend that emphasizes the outrageous In clothes design. While the trend has not been taken to Lady Gaga extremes yet we have seen plenty of strange designs this fall, from puffer sleeves sprouting from a traditional coat design to leather and latex paired with tails and two material splices used for the same item. Blockbuster coats may not be for the business-casual dresser although you could easilymatch them with a pair of smart Armani dress pants and some Kenneth Cole shoes.

Camel Hair Coat

Camel Hair trench coats have changed very little over the past century. They are still double breasted, still smart, quite warm and perfect for business dressers. While most camel hair coats are nowadays made out of a wool blend fabric they still maintain the ruggedness that they are famous for.

Pea Coats

Another blast from the past, pea coats are even more fashionable and can be worn with more casual clothes as well as business suits. Pea coats are also double breasted which means that they are warm as well as quite trendy, as the whole double-breasted thing is quite stylish right now.

Leather Jackets

A material that was included in almost  every designer runway show for male fashion this year leather is making a massive comeback and, what do you know, double breasted leather jackets are incredibly sought after by people who are trying to recreate the whole Bullit look for their everyday benefits. If you don’t own a leather coat any type of leather accessory can still go wonderfully with another type of coat, as well as with a beanie and scarf.

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