Celebrity After Dinner Speakers

January 15th, 2013

When you are considering after dinner speakers, finding just the right person has as much effect on the success or failure of your event as any other aspect. The evening is winding down, guests may be tired and a boring speech can put the wrong kind of cap on your event. This is why it is very important to put a lot of thought into who you book to deliver an after dinner speech to the guests at your event.

Look at Previous Speaking Engagements

Experience can count for so much, even for a celebrity giving an after dinner speech. Just because a celebrity is popular does not mean that he or she will be right for your event. Rather, the speaker should be someone who can hold the attention of a group of individuals who have just had a meal and may not be at their attentive best. A speaker with previous experience is best to handle this situation.

Make Sure the Celebrity Fits the Event

Many celebrities get involved with causes outside their milieu including sports, films, books and even academics. However, this does not mean that he or she will be the exact fit for your event. While a celebrity can be good for a fundraiser, he or she may not be the best to take part in an event that celebrates technical achievement within a field of which he or she knows nothing.

Make Sure the Celebrity Knows the Audience

The celebrity you intend to book for your event must also be compatible with your expected audience for the event. For instance, a celebrity known to be an activist may not be the best choice to address a group of high level executives regardless of industry. The speaker should not have to address a hostile audience and the audience should not be made uncomfortable with the content of the speech. There are companies which can help you find the perfect speaker for your audience and event, such as after dinner speakers from The Right Address.

Book the Guest Far in Advance

Everyone knows that some celebrities can be incredibly busy. However, some will make the time for events which they feel strongly about, or if the connections are strong enough. Still, some may have conflicts in scheduling and may not be able to make events that are close to last minute. Once you have found the perfect speaker for your event, you should keep in touch periodically reminding him or her of the event so that there are no misunderstandings.

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