Celebrities That Insurance Specific Body Parts

November 19th, 2012

When it comes to celebrities, we can expect almost any extravaganza coming from them and insuring specific body parts of their anatomies is not an exemption. Sometimes it makes sense that a dancer insures her legs, but sometimes their body parts insurance make us laugh because to anyone’s eyes the insured body part is so irrelevant, like celebrities that insure their breasts but have practically non interesting boobs, but for the rich and famous it makes no difference how much money they for body parts insurance and while the body part insured is of value for the owner, it does not really matter if there is a real good reason to take out insurance.

Although there are many celebrities that have insured specific body parts throughout time, the following are some of the most memorable insurances:







Merv Hughes

Unless you are a sports enthusiast you may not even know who Merv Hughes is. However this 50 years old Australian cricket player is probably best known for insuring his mustache for about $317,000 USD. For a cricket player, one could expect him to get insurance for any other body part, particularly his legs or knees, which ultimately has been for him an underlying health problem that along with his unmeasured passion for food and alcohol have contributed to shortening his career. However Hughes thinks that his large mustache is his most precious asset that he owns, hence the need to insure it.

Bette Davis

This American actress was best known for her long acting career, having worked not just in the film industry, but in theater and television as well. However, Bette Davis is one of the first celebrities in the history of body parts insurance that decided to take out insurance on her waistline sometime during the decade of the 1930s. By that time, the insurance coverage cost her about $28,000, but today the price for this insurance rose to about $357,000 USD.

Mariah Carey

In modern times one of the most alleged body parts insurance is the leg insurance of Mariah Carey, who estimates her legs to be worth $1 billion dollars, a stratospheric amount of money that does not match the poor looking legs of the owner. Naturally, there are people who believe that Carey’s legs are worth a billion, but many others, including harsh entertainment critics consider that more than the real value of Mariah’s legs, this insurance is simply part of a publicity campaign trying to revive her singing career that has declined in recent years.

David Beckham

Someone whose legs are worth each cent paid for insurance is soccer player and worldwide celebrity David Beckham. The 37 years old footballer insured his legs for the “modest” amount of $70 million dollars, but more than considers this insurance an eccentricity, there is not doubt that Beckham made a wise decision insuring the body parts that are his tools for work.

Tom Jones

Welsh singer Tom Jones was not just one of the most popular pop stars of the mid-1960s and early 70s, but also considered a sex-symbol whose hairy chest has always been his brand label since. Jones decided to insure the hair on his chest for $7 million dollars.

Eccentricity or not, celebrities are the best customers for weird body parts insurance.

Author Bio: Dennis Montano works for Life Insurance.org.uk a company that helps people find life insurance policies in the UK.

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