Candis Discovers That Being Healthy Can Add 14 Years To A Man’s Lifespan

January 21st, 2013

Even though it is clear that people live to a much older age these days compared to a hundred, or even fifty years ago, there are still far too many people expiring before their ‘sell by’ date owing to an unhealthy lifestyle explains Candis Magazine. The problem is much more prevalent in men and, according to the results of a country-wide survey conducted by Bioforce, 50 per cent of British males are their own worst enemies when it comes to health issues; they tend to think that they can tough it out and don’t tend to trouble their doctors very often.

Jim Pollard is the editor of and is backing the results of an Oxford College survey which indicates that males who follow a healthy lifestyle are likely to live up to 14 years longer than those that don’t. The research indicates that smokers, for instance, run the risk of high blood pressure and cholesterol. Lack of exercise and poor diet can also be a contributing factor towards a decrease in life expectancy claims Candis.

Candis Magazine realises that there are, of course, several factors which dictate what kind of lifestyle a man will follow. Economic and social pressures are possibly the two most significant influences governing lifestyle choices and many males in the more deprived areas of Britain will die at a younger age than those living in middle class suburbia. However, the more aware men become of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and aren’t afraid to consult a doctor for fear of being called a wimp, the more chance there is of them significantly increasing their life expectancy.

The question men need to ask themselves is “Do I want to die before I have to?” The answer, of course, is obvious, but the trick is in getting men to do something about it. Replacing the ‘beer, fag and burger’ culture with exercise and healthy eating is not going to be an easy task. Adding 14 years on to life expectancy may prove to be an incentive, however says Candis.

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