Brighten up your wardrobe with bold floral designs this winter

November 19th, 2014

With its long, dark evenings, cold mornings and damp days, it’s no secret that winter can be a bit gloomy. Although your natural instinct may be to dull-down your wardrobe and opt for dark blues, reds and browns – defying the weather and wearing bright, bold colours instead can really help to lift your mood and make your outfit stand out from the crowd.


There are plenty of ways to incorporate colour into your winter wardrobe, the most stylish of which is by investing in some floral print. Giving a hint of sunshine when the sky is grey, flowers are the perfect cold weather look.


As floral dresses are more associated with the summer months, a good way to translate the look into your winter wardrobe is to choose darker shades and bolder prints.

Dresses that feature deep, rich flowers on a dark background can look stunning during the winter months and are perfect for wearing to your upcoming festive dos and Christmas parties.


If you want to introduce a bit of floral print into your outfit but want to keep the look subtle and understated, investing in a fabric scarf with a bright flower print could be the perfect solution. As scarves can be scrunched up to provide protection from the cold or spread out for a bigger visual impact, it’s easy to adjust your look to suit your mood.


As you’ll probably be spending a lot of time wrapped up in your coat this winter, ensuring you’ve got a jacket to be proud of is a must.

Stylised and contemporary prints work best on exterior garments, though any type of floral print will give you the hit of sunshine you’re looking for.


Floral accessories are perfect for brightening up an outfit and bringing your look together. Complement the floral design on your dress, scarf or coat with a necklace, a pair of earrings or another flower accessory.

If you want to go that extra bit further, order a few blooms from an experienced florist like and use a few of your favourites to create beautiful button holes or fragrant broaches.

Bright, bold and colourful, floral prints are a fantastic choice for your winter wardrobe and are guaranteed to make you feel cheerful no matter how bad the weather gets outside.

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