2013: Boots and The High Street

January 29th, 2013

The past few years have been pretty good for boot lovers everywhere. Whereas a few years ago ballerina shoes or Mary Janes were worn with basically anything as long as it wasn’t snowing outside in recent years boots, wedge boots in particular have slowly carved back a niche for themselves both on the street and at swanky Hollywood events. The best example for this is the recent Golden Globes. Though stilettos and platforms were all the rage you could catch a half dozen boots amongst the Hollywood Royalty, with one piece more extravagant than the next.


But how do boots work with street fashion nowadays? You can wear pretty much anything on the catwalk and Over the top boots are sure to make an impact on the red carpet or at any swanky party but how practical are fashionable boots in a normal urban environment?

Well, it is winter so you have to wear something warm and with a bit of heel to be above all that snow that we’ve been getting recently. Ballerina shoes, as fashionable and street fashion friendly as they are just don’t cut it in wintertime. But you can’t really use fashionable booties on the street and you can’t call the type of ski lodge boots that are best suited for wintertime fashionable.

Both of the above statements are false. Booties might not be suited for polar explorers but unless you live in the Maine countryside you won’t need snow shoes either. For the average American city you can wear fashionable booties in wintertime without breaking a sweat or your legs. They are comfortable to wear as long as you can handle your heels, they hold your ankle straight and they are quite fashionable. Yes, Chelsea booties, biker booties, they’ve been all the rage for much of 2012 and have sparked new street style interest in winter boots of the non-Ugg, non ski variety.

As for traditional wet weather wear being unfashionable… Jimmy Choo stands to differ. Hunter Boots have done two different limited release series of Choo-designed rubber willies and they sold exceedingly well. And if you can’t afford a second mortgage to get one of the Jimmy Choo Hunter pairs still floating out there, you can find several sedate pattern Hunter boots available that don’t cost an arm and a leg. And let’s not forget knee-high leather boots while we’re on the subject. With the big press that 50 Shades of Grey has been getting it wouldn’t surprise anyone if  Leather Knee-highs are next year’s autumn street fashion stars.


So remember, there’s no need to wear sandals in cold or wet weather just to look good. You can look fantastic in chic booties or knee-high boots, the secret is to wear them with style.

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